Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jim Webb - Semper Fi?

email from Jim Webb on his troop amendment

Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 13:26:19 GMT From: "Jim Webb" Subject: Stop Burning Out The Troops

Dear Friend,

This Dwell Time Amendment provides a safety net under our troops. However long a servicemember has been deployed, they deserve at least that much time at home. It is a very simple, common sense amendment. For the sake of our servicemembers and their families, this is the right thing to do.

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Today, Senator Chuck Hagel and I will reintroduce an amendment that seeks to provide our men and women in uniform with the responsible rotational cycles they deserve.

We will be offering an amendment that requires our troops have a 1:1 deployment-to-dwell ratio for active units and members. This is a minimum floor. The Department of Defense's historic policy and current goal is a ratio of 1:2. Currently, Army units are deployed for 15 months with 12 months at home. It is not unusual for Marines also to have less time at home than the length of their last deployment.

This amendment is vital to the continued morale and effectiveness of our Armed Forces, which are breaking under the strain of unprecedented long deployments in combat zones.

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
Somewhere along the line Jim Webb lost his marbles. I am not entirely sure where but I see it to now be the case. He has been a wonderful author writing some great books which include "A Country Such as this" which was one of my favorites. I don't recall anything particularly wacky during his days as Secretary of the Navy (perhaps I wasn't looking close enough). He goes from being a graduate of the Naval Academy, to being a highly decorated Marine Corps infantry officer in Vietnam to this Washington wussy who is trying to get troop reductions through this BS amendment that will handcuff our military leaders. Did Webb and Jimmy Carter contract some type of mercury poisoning while in Annapolis that caused them both to lose their minds? They are both Annapolis grads, I guess it could be true. I am highly disappointed in this Marine combat veteran who is so blatantly doing things that will ultimately undermine our armed forces and their mission. Shame on you Jim Webb. Semper Fidelis (Always faithful)? Not sure in your case..

This amendment was essentially defeated in the Senate (though it won with a 56-44 vote) because it fell short of the 60 votes required to avoid the Presidents promised veto of the legislation. I am happy to report that our troops and their leaders will not be handcuffed with this extremely dangerous legislation. Dressed in "Protect Our Troops" clothing, this was nothing more than cheap attempt to hurt the Presidents policy by holding our troops hostage. More poor leadership from the usual suspects in the Senate....


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Hi Amy,
Thanks for stopping in. Glad you liked it. Let em know if you have topics of interest. Also, the site will be moving to a new home soon with forums and more full functionality which I hope will allow for much more discussion. I look forward to seeing you here in the future.