Friday, September 7, 2007

Cooking the Books on Global Warming

Cooking Up Global Warming
by Christopher C. Horner

Posted: 09/07/2007

A very embarrassing chapter in the history of our nation's scientific establishment has been unfolding thanks to a creative new website set up and run by Dr. Anthony Watts. This site is providing unwelcome scrutiny to the United States’ surface temperature measurement network, supposedly the most reliable in the world. The reputation has been built over the years in part because of our government’s purported insistence on uniformity of technology as well as siting (putting the gauges where they will gather the most accurate data) and maintenance standards.

But if you place your measuring equipment in the wrong place you could help start a global warming panic. Which is, apparently, just what government bureaucrats are doing.

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
One more chink in the armor of what is, according to liberals (and others), the most obvious fact of our time - Global Warming. I will once again go on record as saying the GLOBAL WARMING IS JUNK SCIENCE at this point in time. We have groups running around like chicken little saying the sky is falling while we cannot even get the scientific community to agree that it even exists. If you were ever in doubt, just note that Al Gore thinks it's true and that ought to be enough to convince you otherwise (couldn't pass up an Al Gore dig). I am a reasonable person. Is the concept of global warming something that warrants more study? Of course it does. It isn't however something that demands mass hysteria which unfortunately is the direction we are going. What's the world coming to when we can't believe anything that Al Gore or Michael Moore says?!...:)

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