Friday, September 21, 2007

Columbia University Sets New Low

"Big Story" correspondent Douglas Kennedy went to Columbia University today (my alma mater) to get reaction on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's upcoming campus chat. It was no surprise that many of the students were intrigued by the anti-American Holocaust denier, but I was stunned to hear some thought it was "cool" to have him on campus. Because he hates America he is "cool"?! Would it also have been "cool" to have had Hitler or Usama bin Laden speak, too? Those kids should attempt to go to school in Iran where education isn't as free or open as it is here.

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
Am I the only one who is totally disgusted by Columbia University? Let me remind you that this is the place where the leader of the minutemen was physically removed from the stage by students against his opinions and his group. Agree with him or not, he was a speaker at the University who was denied his opportunity to speak because he is not of similar liberal thinking. Now Columbia sets a new low by inviting the leader of one of the largest terror sponsoring states in the world to occupy the stage. The State department needs to step in and refuse to allow this terrorist to leave the UN vicinity. Columbia University needs to rethink what values they are teaching the young adults attending their institution. The President of Columbia should be ashamed of his actions and the American people should be disgusted by this as well. Thankfully, this media ploy by Ahmadinejad of Iran will not matter as he is predetermining his own fate by his actions and pursuit of nuclear weapons.


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Thanks for posting (though you later decided to remove them). I read them via e-mail and enjoyed the thoughts. Please stop back by and drop a line in the future.