Monday, August 27, 2007

Conservative Humor

OK, I apologize to anyone from the left in advance but I couldn't resist having a little fun here. I am open to laughing at myself so if you give me a link I will post something reciprocal in the spirit of fair play. I shamelessly borrowed these from the following website and encourage you to check out the rest as they are pretty funny.

You know you are a liberal if.......

If you think Rob Reiner had to stretch to play the liberal in "All in the Family"

If you think the answer to ANY crime, infraction, or injustice is counseling.

If you've spent no less than 30 years in the walls of academia and don't see how today could be too much different from the '60s.

If you think the criminal has more rights than the police who arrest this criminal, unless the crime is sexual harassment, or racism.

If you use the term 'open-minded' and don't care that it can't be defined in absolute terms.

If you think only white people can be racist.

If Clarence Thomas made you sick, Bob Packwood made you protest, but Bill Clinton is a victim of partisan politics.

If you think that teenager's sexual behavior is uncontrollable, but hardened violent criminals should be released on parole after serving a cut sentence in a "correctional institution".

If you think Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee are articulate geniuses but Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr. Alan Keyes and Dr. Walter Williams are dolts.

If you think Rush Limbaugh and Michael Reagan are mean spirited racists and promote hate crime but Maxine Waters, John Conyers and Louis Farakahn aren't and don't.

If you think that the Constitution is a living document and should be changed but the writings of Karl Marx are "written in stone".

If you think burning the United States flag should be Constitutionally protected but burning a cross should be outlawed.

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