Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Conservative - Perfect Definition

Why I’m A Conservative
by Burt Prelutsky [scriptwriter] 9/24/07

Every so often I hear from a self-anointed right-wing commissar that I’m not really a conservative simply because he’s disagreed with something I wrote. The most annoying aspect of being called on the carpet is that it serves to remind me that some of those on the right can be every bit as dogmatic and self-righteous as the pinheads on the left.

So, I will now list my core beliefs and you can all decide for yourselves whether when I claim to be a conservative, I’m guilty of misrepresentation.

For openers, I’m in favor of capital punishment. The sixth commandment, by the way, doesn’t really say that thou shalt not kill. When correctly translated, it states that thou shalt not murder. I can not imagine how anybody can argue that a person who commits cold-blooded homicide is entitled to out-live his innocent victim by 40 or 50 years

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
If you have not yet read the full story, PLEASE stop what you are doing and read it now. If you are a conservative I hope you will find it as enjoyable as I did. If you are a liberal, you should use this as a template to understand what many (certainly me) are thinking. I really cannot think of anything useful to add to this article except to say AMEN and encourage everyone to read it.

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