Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Muslim woman sues sherrif

Muslim woman sues sheriff

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On 09/05/2007 5:52:52 AM PDT ·

An Anaheim woman filed a federal lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff's Department today, claiming her religious rights were violated when deputies forced her to remove her hijab, or head scarf. Deputies insisted Souhair Khatib, 33, who is Muslim; remove her scarf when she was being booked into a county jail in connection with a probation violation. Islam dictates that women must wear the hijab, which covers a woman's hair and neck, for reasons of modesty. Khatib was seen by deputies and other men from her mosque without her covering, causing her extreme emotional distress, her lawsuit says.

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
The fact that this lawsuit could event be filed annoys me to no end. Throw this meritless lawsuit out of court immediately! If you break the law you will be treated the same as every other common criminal with no regard to your head scarf. You have the right to obey the laws. If you choose not to, you have the right to have your rights taken away and the right to be imprisoned. This woman should be thankful she is in the United States and she has the rights she does. She commits welfare fraud and now thinks she is entitled in some way in our jails. Too bad we can't just show her to the door. Perhaps she would prefer the jails in a more pro-muslim nation.

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