Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Amateur Experts

by Thomas Sowell
September 12, 2007 02:00 PM EST

Sometimes I feel as if I must be one of the few people left in America who is not a military expert.

For example, all sorts of politicians have been talking about all sorts of ways we ought to "redeploy" our troops. The closest I ever came to deploying troops was marching a company of Marines to the mess hall for chow.

But people who have never even put on a uniform are confident that they know how our troops should be redeployed. Maybe this is one of the fruits of the "self-esteem" that is taught in our schools instead of education.

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
This couldn't have been said any better. The bottom line on this and I agree is: PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER LED THE MILITARY SHOULD STOP ACTING LIKE EXPERTS. It is one thing to have an opinion on the war, it is entirely another to pose as an expert when in reality you have little to no idea what you are talking about. Democratic leaders (even a few Republicans) are wrong to the point of putting our troops in further danger when they second guess our commanders on troop levels just because it won't further their political agenda. We saw it in Vietnam and now we are seeing it clearly again (both times Democratic control oddly enough). It's wrong and potentially dangerous to our troops and it needs to stop. What the hell does the average senator know about the proper troop levels or troop deployment in wartime? Enough said..

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