Monday, August 27, 2007

Union Workers - Beware

by Robert Bluey
Liberals Target Union Watchdog
August 27, 2007 02:00 PM EST

The Office of Labor Management Standards, the federal government’s union watchdog agency, has recouped more than $100 million for American workers since 2001. But the increased oversight on unions hasn’t gone over well with liberals in Congress, who are trying to slash the agency’s budget for next year.

Last month, pro-labor Democrats in the House successfully fought back a Republican-led challenge to restore $2 million to the agency’s budget. The Senate will take up the bill when Congress returns from its August recess.

The liberals’ revolt against the Department of Labor agency comes on the heels of an increased crackdown on union misbehavior and greater scrutiny of union finances. Following the 2000 elections, the Office of Labor Management Standards reversed nearly a decade of lax enforcement under the Clinton Administration.

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
It's time once again to stand up on my soap box and say for the millionth time that Labor Unions are becoming/have become the problem for the american worker instead of part of the solution. This article is a great example of how the Democratic Party who claims to be such a big supporter of the blue collar worker is really just beholden to the Labor Unions. It wouldn't be so bad if the Labor Unions were actually looking out for the best interests of the workers. Unions are so large today that they are huge entities that themselves have become a form of government. Big goverment as all conservatives know is anything but efficient. The bigger they get, the move diverse their goals are from those of the common worker or people that they claim to support. In the past the saying was "Workers Unite!". It's time for union members to consider the phrase "Workers Dissolve!" and end these bloated beaurocracies before it's too late. Lastly, a question to the Democrats in Washington. If you are so concerned for the workers of America, why would you cut funding to the agency that policies unions and protects the rights of workers?

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