Friday, August 31, 2007

Tree-Huggers get no love

BERKELEY: Tree-sitters lose court round - Cal can keep them fenced in
San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 8/31/7 | Carolyn Jones,Henry K. Lee

UC Berkeley does not have to tear down a fence it erected around tree-sitters protesting plans to cut down an oak grove outside Memorial Stadium, an Alameda County judge ruled in advance of Saturday's nationally televised Cal football game.

Siding with attorneys for the university, Judge Barbara Miller of Alameda County Superior Court said late Thursday that the fence was a safety measure and did not constitute development at the site.

The tree-sitters had been marooned for hours without food or water until UC police allowed supporters to give them supplies beginning Wednesday evening.

Earlier that day, the university erected the barrier around part of an oak grove near the stadium, where tree-sitters have perched since December to protest UC's plans to cut down the trees to make way for a $125 million sports training center.

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
This you just gotta love. I applaud the University for taking some action against these tree-huggers. The fence idea was great. What I don't understand is why after going to all that trouble they let them get food and water in through the fence? If you are going to go through the trouble of putting up the fence you could at least let it do its job. Here is how it will progress:
1. Fence (and security guards) keeps additional tree-huggers out.
2. Tree-Huggers/Sitters inside the fence get thirsty and hungry.
3. Tree-Huggers/Sitters inside the fence get thirstier and hungrier.
4. Tree-Huggers/Sitters inside the fence climb down and ask to leave the fenced area.
5. A few Tree-Huggers/Sitters fall out of the tree from hunger/thirst and land outside the fence.
Either way, problem solved.
Any questions?

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