Monday, August 6, 2007

On the Road With Sean Penn and Hugo Chavez

LA GRITA, Venezuela — Aboard the presidential jet, a grinning Hugo Chavez put a hand on Sean Penn's shoulder, praised his acting and added: "And he's anti-Bush!"

The Venezuelan president reveled in his role as host to the Hollywood star as they flew across the country Friday and traveled through the countryside in a military jeep with Chavez at the wheel, stopping to greet cheering supporters.

The Oscar-winning actor has previously condemned the Iraq war and called for President Bush to be impeached, but he revealed little about his thoughts on Venezuela, saying he came as a freelance journalist after reporting stints in Iraq and Iran — and was saving his conclusions for print.

"He's a courageous man," Chavez said as he introduced Penn to reporters and dignitaries during the flight from Caracas to western Venezuela. "He's very quiet, but he has a fire burning inside."

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
I am not sure which is worse, the guy who betrays his country openly and joins the enemy (see "American Terrorist Threatens U.S. in New Al Qaeda Video" post) or this retard Sean Penn who is essentially a modern day Jane Fonda. We should simply revoke his citizenship, sell off his assets and send him a check. If he loves to go around bad mouthing the US all the time then perhaps he should be encouraged to see citizenship elsewhere. I for one would certainly not miss him. Any thoughts?


2 Cents said...

We are NOT at war with Venezuela, so I don't see how Penn is like Fonda. He did not criticize America in the company of Chavez, nor give Chavez any ammunition to attack our country.

American are free sir. Perhaps we should revoke the citizenship of anyone who goes overseas to preach Christianity? Just because Sean Penn is a moron and happens to disagree with you or other logical thought doesn't mean he should be granted less freedom than you, me or Charles Manson (who last time I checked was STILL a US citizen).

If we want to be truly free, we have to take the good with the bad. To do otherwise makes us no better than the likes of Chavez, who would probably think more like you when it came to dissent.

Conservative Blogger said...

2 Cents..nice to see you posting again. At least this time I didn't get called "An empty headed moron". I do however, stand by my post and thoughts that I truly believe it is wrong for celebrities and/or politicians to be cozying up to enemies (yes enemies) of the US. If you think Hugo Chavez is anything else, you should have your head examined. I personally have more respect for the guy who joined Al Qaeda (granted though there isn't much for either).

2 Cents said...

This is where we differ. You can learn from your enemies much more than you can learn from your friends. Unfortunately for American, we don't have many friends left in the world.

We need to learn why these people hate us. Dive into the reasons, and view ourselves through introspective eyes. We are our own worst enemy, and we can learn a lot from those who would lose their lives to defeat us.

We must look at what we have done to cause this. We are not innocent, and through our own actions have cause immeasurable pain and suffering in the world.

Conservative Blogger said...

2 things to consider. First, I did learn fom my enemy, Sean Penn in this case. Secondly, you operate on the assumption that there is something wrong with people (and don't give me "the whole world hates us BS again") hating us. The whole world has never "just gotten along" and if history is our guide it never will. I'm ok with that...

2 Cents said...

You may be correct, you can't please all of the people all of the time. However, we have alienated everyone in the world. Even the populations of our staunch allies don't like us very much.

And, in arrogance like yours, we fail to look at the reasons why.

You are wrong, you never learned from your "enemy" Sean Penn. He has some valid points in his anti-Bush rhetoric. You do yourself, and by default your cause, a great injustice by not listening to those who oppose you.