Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Obama Might Send Troops Into Pakistan

Wednesday, 08:46:37 AM EST / AP News
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Wednesday that he would send troops into Pakistan to hunt down terrorists even without local permission if warranted – an attempt to show strength when his chief rival has described his foreign policy skills as naive.The Illinois senator warned Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf that he must do more to shut down terrorist operations in his country and evict foreign fighters under an Obama presidency, or Pakistan will risk a U.S. troop invasion and losing hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. military aid. FULL STORY

Conservative BloggersComments:
Sure...and I MIGHT just wipe my ass after I take a dump (I actually probably will), or I MIGHT rob a bank, or I MIGHT run a marathon get the point. Forgive our Pakistani allies (they are allies aren't they? Which way is the wind blowing today?) if they are not too scared by your comments Mr. Obama. Given the fact that you will likely not beat the Wicked Witch of the East in the primary anyway (although I guess I hope you do..but rooting for a particular liberal is like deciding which finger to cut off. There is no payoff in the end). Pakistan and and many other countries have a long history with liberal blow-hards. They only respect one thing and that is action. And you sir, simply don't have the balls to take any.


2 Cents said...

I guess having a draft-dodging, deferment taking inarticulate poppa's boy leading us into combat is better than anyone, correct?

Look, I am no liberal, but empty-headed morons like you are what allowed people like Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Put and Franco to flourish and take control.

Obama could be a good president, and had he had an "R" after his name you would love him. You idiots are why we as a nation are in the situation we are.

Conservative Blogger said...

We are each allowed to have our opinions and I will NEVER delete any from this blog as long as they aren't spam. We obviously disagree, but I would like to know what exactly it is about me that makes me an "empty-headed moron". That I think could spark at least some semi-intelligent commentary.

2 Cents said...


You disregard someone and their views because of their political affiliation. You discount their realness or their motives unless those traits are similar to yours.

Conservatives rushed en mass to vote to keep possibly the worst president in American history in place ONLY because he pretended to be one of you. All-the-while, he increased the deficit, caused uncontrolled government spending, increased government intrusion into our lives, and formed one of the most scandalous and morally inept administrations in recent memory. Clinton may have lied about adultery, but this administration has lied about EVERYTHING else.

Yet you support them, because they are ONE OF YOU. This is a mindless approach to a situation that effects every single American. Vote for the person, not the party, and certainly not the side of your ideological isle they happen to reside in.

Jesus was the most influential person in history, and most of you would label him liberal today.

Remember that, open your minds, and let your hearts follow.