Thursday, August 2, 2007

Courageous Action Against an Abusive Professor – Precedent For the Future?

by Paul M. Weyrich
August 01, 2007 02:00 PM EST
Former Representative George H. (Hank) Brown (R-CO) is what one would consider a genuinely nice person. In 1980 he replaced Representative Wayne N. Aspinall, a conservative Democrat, in the House of Representatives. Following the retirement of the affable Senator William L. (Bill) Armstrong (R-CO) ten years later, Representative Brown saw an opportunity, ran and won a seat in the United States Senate. While in the Senate he attended a few of our Coalition meetings and spoke so softly that he could hardly be heard.
I was shocked to learn that after one term in the Senate, Brown decided to leave Washington and return to his native state.
It was some time before I heard that Brown had been named President of the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. When I lived in Colorado, the University was on the cutting edge of left-wing activity in the state. I shall never forget the 1966 election when the late Joseph Coors was elected to the University’s Board of Regents. Coors tried his best to rid the University of radicals, but at the end of his six-year term he packed up his belongings and left.
Over the years, the University issued and supported many radical left-wing statements. I was not surprised when I heard that Ward Churchill, an Ethic Studies Professor at the University, had written an essay comparing the victims of September 11 to members of the Nazi regime. This was typical of the jargon that the left asserts is its freedom of speech.

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
I applaud any institution of higher learning that makes a concerted effort to rid their classrooms of excessive political bias. I don't claim to say that all political bias in our schools is liberal, (I do claim that most of it is) but I do think that any concerted effort by a teacher/professor to indoctrinate his or her students of any age is just plain wrong. It definitely gets shrouded by the "free speech" argument but that excuse has long since worn thin. There is a huge difference between free speech and political bias or indoctrination and most common sense educators of all levels know what that is. For those that don't or won't understand I can only hope that there is someone like George Brown who can set them on the correct path or, if necessary, show them the the door.

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2 Cents said...

What litmus paper does Mr. Brown use to determine what is "liberal" radicalism and what is not?

We should promote free thought, no matter on what subject, in our institutions of higher learned, and allow for that thought no matter what it is. When you stifle free thought, you become no better than communists or fascists whose only true enemy is free thought.