Tuesday, August 7, 2007

by Marc Sheppard
Casualties of Anti-War
August 06, 2007 01:00 PM EST

Warfare is the Way of deception – Sun Tzu
The left’s anti-war forces sustained heavy casualties early last week. And, judging from both strategy shifts and painful screams heard throughout the liberal blogosphere, many of the fallen were high value propaganda targets.

It’s no secret that Democratic strategists see failure in Iraq as a blood-soaked red carpet leading them to the White House next year. So much so that even before the president officially announced the initial 20,000 troop surge in January, opposition party leaders were scrambling to denounce it as a doomed and desperate last-gasp effort to save a failing policy.

And yet, the Dem-controlled Senate did unanimously add a fourth star to surge proponent General David Petraeus’s shoulder to confirm his selection as Iraq Multi-National-Force commander just two weeks later. And while Senate Dems expressed great confidence in the man who had co-authored the Army’s Field Manual 3-24 on Counterinsurgency a month prior, they somehow saw nothing duplicitous in their equally unanimous rejection of the surge plan it had inspired.

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
I am not even going to have all the fun I could with this article. It would simply be too easy and way too enjoyable for this time of the morning (I actually have some other work to get done). I did enjoy the article and found it to be very interesting in the way the left is contradicting themselves in recent times. While I respect someone being against the war in Iraq (although there are some really thin reasons from some) I cannot respect those that are against the war for purely political reasons. As for those that are against war period, please see the quote at the bottom of the page by Theodore Roosevelt as to my feelings about them. At any rate, I thought the article worthy of sharing and look forward to comments on the subject.

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