Sunday, August 5, 2007

Another Iraq Terrorist is toast...(and a few others too)

BAGHDAD — U.S. troops killed the Al Qaeda in Iraq mastermind of the bombing that destroyed the golden dome of a famed sacred Shiite shrine last year and set in motion an unrelenting cycle of sectarian bloodletting, the military said Sunday.

Haitham Sabah Shaker Mohammed al-Badri, the group's Salahuddin province emir, was killed in a U.S. operation east of Samarra on Thursday, the military said He also was responsible for the June 13 bombing that toppled the Askariya shrine's twin minarets, it said.

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Conservative Bloggers Comments:
Lets start with good riddance. One more terrorist on the way to Allah for reassignment. It doesn't mean the end of the war on terror are anythign like it, but it is prgress and I know it is motivating for our armed forces to be able to come up with significant names in the war against terror. I am sure this won't be the last one, but it is still good to see them dropping one at a time. Well done!


Anonymous said...

The "American?????" guy who's converted to islam needs to be TOASTED.

Anonymous said... less towel to wash.

Conservative Blogger said...

Thanks for your comments folks. I appreciate (and in this case agree) with your comments. Though I am not exactly sure of the impact of one more towel in the wash, I am sure if you get rid of a bunch it finally causes less wear on tear on the washer and dryer..:)

2 Cents said...

Is it the fact he converted to Islam or the fact that he doesn't believe as you do that makes him a target?

Hey, he needs to be neutralized as an enemy of ours, but we still need to learn what would make him switch sides. What are we doing that makes the world hate us so?